Your gift to the Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory will help us increase our understanding of psychopharmacology, and has the potential to help individuals and families facing psychiatric disorders.

Donations help to fill in funding gaps for areas of our research that are not supported by the NIH funding we receive. Our highly controlled research on the effects of psychoactive drugs in human participants provides basic information about the psychopharmacology of drugs under double blind conditions. Much of our current knowledge about psychological effects of psychoactive drugs comes from reports of casual users, with little control over drug quality, context, expectancies, and co-existing psychiatric conditions.  Our findings from basic psychopharmacological studies could lead to novel targets for psychiatric disorders and help to identify risk factors for adverse responses to drugs. Our studies are fully approved by regulatory bodies including the local Institutional Review Board, the Food and Drug Administration, and in some cases the Drug Enforcement Agency. For further information about ongoing studies or if you would like to donate a gift please contact